Sexual Compatibility: Myth or Reality?


A client of mine told me every time she started a relationship it would quickly fall apart. I asked her if she had slept with any of these men she tried to form a relationship with. She replied by saying “All of them. I don’t want to marry someone I’m not sexually compatible with.” What […]

Guys, if You Found the Right One Can You Wait for Marriage Before Having Sex?


A friend, Tabby, once came to me for relationship advice. She said, “I’m a great a woman. I have a good job, have my life together, but all the guys seem to want just sex instead of relationships.” She was stuck in the same cycle of meeting a nice guy, going on a few dates […]

Are Men Into It Just For The Sex?

Are Men into it Just for the Sex?

I’m 34 almost 35, divorced, and have dated several men within 5 years of my age group, in the last two years. After all these guys I have yet to land a relationship. They tell me I’m hot, sexy, smart…blah blah…we even date for several months sometimes, but nothing ever advances more than sex. I thought at my age men would be read to settle down, just cant believe men are happy just with sex. I admit, I was married for a long time and am a rookie at dating, but what’s the deal?