Are Men Into It Just For The Sex?


I’m 34 almost 35, divorced, and have dated several men within 5 years of my age group, in the last two years. After all these guys I have yet to land a relationship. They tell me I’m hot, sexy, smart…blah blah…we even date for several months sometimes, but nothing ever advances more than sex. I thought at my age men would be read to settle down, just cant believe men are happy just with sex. I admit, I was married for a long time and am a rookie at dating, but what’s the deal?

Help me guys, be gentle. Am I doing something wrong?

Yoga and Love review: Are men really into only one thing? Just sex? Do you wonder, is there anything else he thinks about? Even a man in his 50’s has commitment issues and is completely happy playing the field. Beautiful young women the world over are wondering, where have the gentlemen gone? Where is that man who oozes manhood yet strong enough to be a pillar of strength to a woman, a wife? Am I really looking for an oasis in the desert?

The answer is no, thankfully. There are millions (maybe billions) of men out there who crave love, more than you can ever dream of. Guess what? Out of those billions, all you need is one. The one sure law like the law of gravitation is what you put out is what you are going to get. You want steadiness, commitment, responsibility, clear communication (maybe that is pushing it for a man?) and loyalty, unless the man is really from Mars, that is exactly what he expects from an emotionally mature lady. Then why do both the sexes feel like they are living in different universes? The answer is really simple, drawing boundaries. Whether you accept it or not, you want it or not, you are the one with more power hence have the unique key to make or break a relationship. You lead always( this is coming from a man). With this power comes responsibility, you need to know how to set your parameters or in less nerdy terms, draw nice boundaries.

I have a friend, a beautiful young lady in her thirties, Linda. When a guy asked her out, she clearly said, the next guy she dated would have to marry her. The commitment flakes disappeared like morning dew in scorching sun. The one guy who stayed is married to her, that’s it. The game of love is based on strong foundation principles of doing the right thing at the right time. It is also about elevating the consciousness or lifting up your partner to be the best he can be. Just as a teacher could tell a student, “ I expect you to get an A and I reward only A students and I know that you are perfectly capable of achieving it.” A woman elevates a man to become a better man. To bring out his beautiful gentleman qualities, yes you have that power but it is also a responsibility.

What do you ladies think?