Yoga & Love National Book Launch: Healing 15 Million Singles

Have you ever caught yourself saying, There are no good men out there? Or have you ever found yourself wondering why you seem to attract the wrong types? Or if you did find the right “one” you realized you could not hold onto them? Have you felt why relationships have to be so complicated or wondered why there is so much pain in love? You knew you had the best motives but you still ended up getting a raw deal?


Yoga & Love

“For the first Time in the western world, comes a book on finding love, true love, that’s not based on superficial attraction, dating – tricks or hype rather love – wisdom based on time honored Yoga tradition of India. If you thought Yoga can only fix your physical kinks, you will be in for a pleasant awakening after reading this book!”

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Knowing this ONE thing will absolutely transform your conception of love and unlock your heart’s unlimited potential. No, it is not about having a hot body.. nor is it about having a lot of money. This ONE thing is the holy grail of love–everything you will ever need to know about finding true love.

Throughout 2013, and still now as you read the words of this very page, an incredible ocean of powerful energy is constantly flowing through us. Yoga masters say the quality of this energy, also called Prana or life force has a profound effect on the quality of relationship you attract and on how long you keep that relationship. To find the love of your life, all you need to do is improve the quality of your Prana through Yoga and make it powerful.

If you are wondering if there is a connection between Yoga & romantic Love? And how yoga can help you find love? You should probably start by asking…

What is Yoga? What is Love?

I know Yoga fixes physical kinks, but finding love? Yoga is from the root word “yuj” in Sanskrit. It means uniting or merging two things together. What is love? In love, we do the same thing; two people unite at the physical, mental and spiritual levels. Hence, the great Yoga masters discovered specific scientific techniques to help you unite with yourself first and in turn merge with another person.

There’s a science behind Yoga and Love? Yes. Have you heard of chemistry being important in a relationship? Or a relationship ended up due to bad chemisty? Yoga says, just as scientists have discovered and as we mentioned earlier, behind chemistry is the energy- Prana. So if you want to attract a long-lasting meaningful relationship, why not cultivate positive Prana through Yoga?


Yoga Masters on “Yoga+Love”

“I loved your book! We hardly get to see the concepts you have presented in the book. It isn’t even two different words, Yoga and Love are the same. Yoga is about being in alignment with your breath, with your soul and from that comes love. It is not something complex, it just makes sense. What’s love? You just feel better, you are into your truth, your satya. Once you feel that, you spread it –Gurmukh

“Anything to do with Yoga & Love is like perfection. You and Deypika are examples of that living. You exemplify it which is different; you don’t talk about it too much. You are just in sync –Yogi Cameron

“It is just so great to meet Vish, his book comes from such a real and authentic place. The book is about finding love and compassion inside and using that love to love others. The world needs more love and more Yoga – Liz Arch

“Yoga and Love works. Vish must be doing something right to have gotten you Deypika- Sara Ivanhoe

Meet the Author – Vishwanath Iyer

Vish Iyer, a world renowned Yoga expert hails from a continuous 7000 year lineage of Yoga masters in Southern India. In the inner circle, he is often referred to as the combination of Deepak Chopra and Tony Robbins. A visionary, an author and a transformational speaker, Vish has helped tens of thousands of singles across the world to find their true love through the time-tested techniques practiced for thousands of years by Yogis in India. The incredible story of Vish and the great love of his life- Deypika, has been featured both in national and international media.


Vishwanath Iyer’s Media Appearances

Introducing “Yoga + Love”

Now that you’re better acquainted with Prana, your inner genie and the science behind Yoga and Love, you might wonder how do I build this nonstop flow of Prana? That’s where “Yoga+Love” comes in. Developed by Vish himself, “Yoga+Love” is more than a book; it’s a revolution, a lifestyle. With nearly 60% of all marriages ending in divorce in the United States, “Yoga+Love” gives singles a much-needed step-by-step system to find true love.

Yoga & Love

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About learning to love from the inside out. Yes a big part of the book is about Yoga, but the core message of it , is learning to and how to love yourself on the inside. It emphasizes so much on focusing on yourself, that is such a refreshing perspective on relationships.” Paulina D, San Diego, CA

“The core message of the book is before you unite with someone try to unite with yourself. It is learning about yourself, finding yourself and then if you choose to you can find love on the outside . The book gives ways to do just that in simple step by step way.” Jiye J, Del Mar, CA

“Yoga is a life long process and the goal of life is self exploration. The book inspires me to make myself whole, integrated, to feel complete unto myself. Once I do that , I will attract a holistic, integrated person who is a totality of himself, which is how a relationship is supposed to be.” Tanya P, San Diego, CA

“Yoga is love, love is Yoga. It is not a relationship book, it is not just a love book, it is a lifestyle book. It is educational, informative, a message that everybody can apply. It teaches you how to be a better person, so that you don’t just find the love of your life but learn to have better relationships with everyone.” Anna A, Escondido, CA