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Yoga & Love: About Vishwanath Iyer

Often described, as a maverick, unconventional  rebel Yogi, speaker, author, actor, workout junkie, coach and entrepreneur; Vish is a rare cocktail of spirituality, science and entrepreneur all rolled into one.  By example of his own 30 year meditation practice, coupled with, being born into a Brahmin family lineage of several generations of Vedic Yoga scholars & masters in Southern India, Vish is a die hard believer that solutions to all human problems (including finding romantic love) lie in Yoga meditation and Yoga lifestyle.

Given his degrees in fields as varied as biology, french and graduate degrees in information systems and business, it is ironical  to see his extraordinary insight into the psyche of love. Vish’s strength lies in his intuitive ability to help anybody find love(even Miley Cyrus), no matter how many times you have failed in relationships. His optimism spills from his own experience and his unique scientific yoga methods of finding love.
He has lived in India, Southern Africa and the U.S, presently lives in Los Angeles with his wife Deypika. He considers,getting laid off from his software consulting position as one of his greatest blessings.  In his free time, he can be seen drinking chai, laughing, watching movies with his wife or boxing away in a MMA gym. His motto in life is “find happiness within first” all good things will follow.

About the Author’s Brahmin Vedic Yoga Lineage:

Vish’s father was the first in a long continuous lineage (potentially 7000 years) of masters, who moved away from the family business of teaching Vedic Yoga and taught Engineering. Some of the notable figures attributed to his lineage are, the great Yogi, Vashishta, who wrote the first Yoga book,Yoga Vashishta, also known as the Guru of king Rama, and Yogi Yagnavalkya, the famous author  of several Yoga works and more recently Yogi Appaya Dikshit. His ancestors owned Vedic schools where several of Southern India’s noted scholars were trained.  Training routine in this system involved waking up at 3:00 am daily followed by intense Yoga practices of mantra chanting, pranayama and meditation three times a day.

In addition, Vedic Yoga training involved mandatory obedience to diet restrictions, adherence to moral principles and strict restrictions on dos and dont’s as prescribed in the ancient Yoga scriptures. Vish has been trained in this Vedic Yoga system since he was seven. No matter how much he has tried to shy away from a lineage of such high standards, his deep Yoga DNA, much to the delight of his forefathers possibly (something to be said about fruit not falling far from the tree), has constantly pulled him towards his family business, the imparting of Vedic Yoga wisdom. The only difference is, Vish is applying his Yoga training to helping people solve today’s practical problems (like finding the love of your life, finding your calling in life etc;) in a modern setting.

Vish makes no claims about being a spiritual Guru or having the spiritual advancement of some of his stalwart ancestors. He has committed himself to only sharing what he has successfully experienced and his credibility stands on his own personal story of how he found his wife Deypika through Yoga practice. He believes anyone in this world can find love through Yoga like he has.

About Deypika, his inspiration behind Yoga and Love:
Deypika Singh Iyer

Deypika Singh-Iyer

As I gazed into her eyes… time  annihilated itself! Knowing as little as I do, we were already dissolved… in love.” –Vish 

Vish describes his wife Deypika, as an extremely compassionate, spiritual, gorgeous, grounded, live wire of a woman. If you are in trouble, she is the go-to person. I have heard, behind every successful man, there is a woman. It couldn’t be truer than in his case! She has been the back bone of his book Yoga and Love, the inspiration behind their work on relationships. The only reason he is convinced Yoga is the best way to find romantic love is because he found her. She is his living testimonial that Yoga works!

Deypika would describe herself as a conscious entrepreneur with a passion for creativity and excellence. Her first shot at entrepreneurship, started even before she turned twenty five, as an owner of an IT consulting firm with several fortune 500 companies as her clients.

Deypika is an avid meditation practitioner, brilliant speaker, former beauty queen, feature film actress and an inspiration to our community at large. She has a degree in cognitive neuroscience from University of California, San Diego. She strongly believes her and Vish’s common love for Yoga meditation and Yoga lifestyle is the foundation of her happy marriage.

In her free time, Deypika can be seen hanging out with her large family, watching movies with Vish, cooking super healthy Yoga based recipes or practicing Yoga.