Paulina DIt is about learning to love from the inside out. Yes a big part of the book is about Yoga, but the core message of it , is learning to and how to love yourself on the inside. It emphasizes so much on focusing on yourself, that is such a refreshing perspective on relationships.”

Paulina D, San Diego, CA

Jiye JThe core message of the book is before you unite with someone try to unite with yourself. It is learning about yourself, finding yourself and then if you choose to you can find love on the outside . The book gives ways to do just that in simple step by step way.”

Jihye J, Del Mar, CA

Tanya PYoga is a life long process and the goal of life is self exploration. The book inspires me to make myself whole, integrated, to feel complete unto myself. Once I do that , I will attract a holistic, integrated person who is a totality of himself, which is how a relationship is supposed to be.”

Tanya P, San Diego, CA

Valerie MFirst and foremost I want to say that I did not want to put the book down and wanted to find out what the next chapter had to offer. By the end of chapter 3 I was thinking, “Alright, already, I got the point about how attracting a great relationship is an inside-out process. Now I am ready to hear about how to put the steps into action.” Reading the material has caused me to reflect on what my intentions are for dating as well as the relationship I have with myself. The book has motivated me to get spiritually aligned. Being raised Christian it seems the underlying philosophy of the book aligns quite a bit with what is taught in church. I can pray, meditate on God’s word, attend church and get myself spiritually aligned as I have been raised or I can go down the path of the yogi’s and in the end I would get the same result.”

Valerie M, San Diego, CA

Anna AYoga is love, love is Yoga. It is not a relationship book, it is not just a love book, it is a lifestyle book. It is educational, informative, a message that everybody can apply. It teaches you how to be a better person, so that you don’t just find the love of your life but learn to have better relationships with everyone.”

Anna A, Escondido, CA

Kali JIt is a book that gives you Yoga techniques to make yourself a better person. In turn give you a base for finding somebody. I learned throughYoga and Love to be really open to love. That there is really no one type for you. If you looked for types, you will be limiting yourself.”

Kali J, Encinitas,CA

Lisa AI will definitely share this book with my daughter. Your story is such a positive reinforcement for listening to your intuition. I used to think, am I the only one out there who follows intuition? I know that following it, my life has turned into an amazingly beautiful experience. And what really got me, was Deypika s intuition, because, initially she questioned everything.”

Lisa A, Encinitas, CA

Cheryl AYou are two amazing souls! I wish the check was for a million dollars and believe me, if I had that to give, I would give it. Many great things have happened since I started on your Yoga and Love program . Since doing this program I am acting and operating from my power center and much more effective in truly helping others. The internal shifts and empowerment that were taking place started to reflect in my circumstances and conditions started to shift and change where they had been stuck.”

Cheryl A, La Jolla, CA

Federica FBut the more time passes the more I’m convinced that love is an inward doing and not an outward doing. I find that I may see this guy, or that guy and think, hmm he is cute. And realize that is our society: we want something (say a relationship) and we go out looking for what it is we want. I’m really getting it – it is an inward calling, inward preparation that calls fourth and then surrendering to the will of the higher power for timing. Guess we have to be open too and make a bit of outward movement but it first happens on the inside. Your book reinforced that I need to listen to my heart.”

Federica F, San Diego, CA