Yoga and Love Book

Yoga & Love

"For the first time in the western world, comes a book on finding love, true love, that is not based on superficial attraction, dating -tricks or hype rather love- wisdom based on time honored Yoga tradition of India. If you thought Yoga can only fix only your physical kinks, you will be in for a pleasant awakening after reading this book!"

  • 7000 year old yoga techniques to increase your magnetism and attract the love of your life.
  • Learn the secrets of "how to harness the most powerful force" in the world, to find love.
  • Do this one little thing for 5 minutes every day and feel yourself overflowing with total confidence --- even if you are going through a rocky romance right now!
  • The ugly truth: Why most people get into multiple relationships before finding the "one".
  • Get free instant access to a special "Love Magnet Diet List" that people have used for over a decade to increase energy, look radiant, lose upto 40 pounds and be in the best shape of your life.
  • Re-kindle the fire in your existing relationship.
  • And much, much, more...

The 7 Yoga Keys to Attracting the Love of Your Life

I feel so happy and I could hug the whole world, this morning while practicing the Yoga techniques I cried 1 hour because of the love I felt deep inside me! I am so happy!!! I would like to hug you and Deypika to say thank you sooooo very much. By the way I have already lost 25lbs and only 5lbs to go till I reach my dream weight.” Dana B, Germany

I completely share your opinion and think these principles should not only be lived in connection with finding a partner but in general during the whole life to feel better and to give our soul more freedom. I strongly believe that you are doing an extremely important and very interesting project which is really needed in this world in order to find true love back.” Andrea M, Switzerland

You guys are a cool couple. Your message on finding love through Yoga is just so amazing. I am sure you will attract a lot of people to your workshops, the pain of broken relationships and marriages is far too deep and disruptive and truly needs to be eradicated from society. I praise you for fulfilling your life purpose, thank you for keeping your promise to humanity.”
Mas S, England