My Friend is Getting Married and I’m Jealous

My friend is getting married I'm jealous. What now?

  We have all experienced the jealous loved one before. Maybe you are even the jealous individual. The topic comes up frequently on relationship advice message boards. “My friend is getting married. I’m jealous of their happiness. What do I do?” It is not uncommon for single individuals to feel jealous when a friend or […]

Guys, if You Found the Right One Can You Wait for Marriage Before Having Sex?


A friend, Tabby, once came to me for relationship advice. She said, “I’m a great a woman. I have a good job, have my life together, but all the guys seem to want just sex instead of relationships.” She was stuck in the same cycle of meeting a nice guy, going on a few dates […]

Marriage Between Yoga and Love?


The word Yoga came from the root word, Yuj meaning yoking or joining or merging. What is love? It is to become one with your partner at the physical, emotional and spiritual level. Hence Yoga is and its processes and techniques are the greatest tools to find love to become one.