Fasting for Love: A Yoga Perspective

Fasting for Love?

Here in America we are told to do many things to attract true love. “Get a good job.” “Buy a fancy car.” Or “Lose some weight and get a makeover.” But very few people, if any, in the western world will suggest fasting to attract love. When we think of fasting it might conjure images […]

My Friend is Getting Married and I’m Jealous

My friend is getting married I'm jealous. What now?

  We have all experienced the jealous loved one before. Maybe you are even the jealous individual. The topic comes up frequently on relationship advice message boards. “My friend is getting married. I’m jealous of their happiness. What do I do?” It is not uncommon for single individuals to feel jealous when a friend or […]

My Ideal Match is a Single Parent. Can This Work?

Can a Relationship work with a Single Parent?

There is no denying that single parenthood is a reality. According to a report released by the US Census Bureau released in November 2009 there is growing demographic of single parents and children raised by single a single parent. According to their statistics there are approximately 13.7 million single parents in the United States who […]