I Love Her Mind but Her Body Repulses Me


“Hey Vish, I met this really great woman. She’s smart, funny, kind, easy to get along with, and we share a lot of the same interests. I really enjoy the time I spend with her and I bet we would make a great couple. There’s only one big problem and that is her body is […]

The Yoga of Forming a Relationship Online

What does Yoga have to say about Online Relationships?

A friend of mine was a real “guy’s guy.” He was not a strong believer in love and just went after the physical aspects. But then he met a girl online who lived in another country. The two of them would talk for 18 hours a day. This was quite a drastic change for a […]

Meditation and Love

Meditation and Love We often consider many elements when trying to create the perfect relationship. But how many of us stop and consider meditation as one of these key elements? In this video Vish explains why meditation is so important to having a succesful relationship with your partner.

How Does Yoga and Love Compare to Other Relationship Books Out There?

Relationship books in general are about, how to “be” in a dating scenario or how to get the best date, what to say, how to say it. Just like you need a great soil for a plant to grow comes a book which enhances you as a person at the core level. In short it […]

Paulina’s Perspective On Staying Single

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-NZGL4reP_I Millions out there are scared to be single, why? Loneliness is a taboo or maybe your friends judge you on the type of boyfriend or relationship you have? Find out why being single for a certain amount of time can just not be drama free but also rejuvenating. It might be the key break […]