Yoga & Love Event and Launch at USC Just a Week Away

Event Poster

The Heartbreak Love and Yoga event at USC is just a week away. We are very excited for this event and a lot of hard work has lead up to it. It is open to the public and we encourage all to attend. This will be your first chance to buy a copy of Yoga & Love. Vish will […]

How Did Twilight Become a $2.5 Billion Dollar Empire?

A person is almost guaranteed that if they bring up Twilight that they will be met with polarizing opinions from others regarding the books and movies. I am sure as soon as you read the title of this blog post that you were either really excited or you groaned inwardly at the very mention of […]

Meditation and Love

Meditation and Love We often consider many elements when trying to create the perfect relationship. But how many of us stop and consider meditation as one of these key elements? In this video Vish explains why meditation is so important to having a succesful relationship with your partner.