Business coaching for conscious entrepreneurs whit Vish Iyer – Yoga and the Neuro-Science of Success, Wealth, and Prosperity

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Vish is often described as a maverick, rebel Yogi, speaker, author, actor, workout junkie, coach and entrepreneur. He is a rare cocktail of spirituality, science and entrepreneurship. His own 30-year meditation practice – combined with a Brahmin family lineage that has produced several generations of Vedic Yoga scholars & masters – has instilled in him a diehard belief that solutions to all human problems lies in living a Yoga lifestyle. He is the author of Amazon Best Seller’s “Yoga and Love,” that teaches how to find long-lasting, meaningful love through practicing the ancient wisdom of Yoga. Inside this FREE “First Millionaire Manifesto”, J V reveals the seven steps to seven figures and how to put more money in the bank, enjoy a richly rewarding life, and make a big difference. Subscribe in iTunes Like this Podcast? Help spread the word. Subscribing and leaving a review helps other business owners and entrepreneurs find our podcast…and make their big difference. They will thank you for it. Watch this FREE Video to discover the Secrets to getting in your zone, achieving fast results, and building a high-profit conscious business. Conscious Millionaire Podcast: On his free podcast, Monday through Friday, J V interviews top successful entrepreneurs and business owners who reveal their business solutions and business opportunities on topics such as: conscious business, social entrepreneurship, business online marketing, internet business solutions, internet marketing, team building and culture, goal setting, how to become a wealthy entrepreneur, and developing a high-profit business plan that will change lives and the world.

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