Yoga & Love’s Interview with Yogi Cameron

Some of us might recognize Yogi Cameron from Madonna’s Express Yourself video as well as multiple TV shows such as The Ellen Show, The TODAY Show, The Dr. Oz Show, and others. For those unfamiliar with Yogi Cameron here is a brief excerpt from his bio on his official website.

“ Yogi Cameron left the world of high fashion in 1998 to seek the higher path available to all of us. He began his ongoing studies in Ayurveda at Arsha Yoga Vidya Peetam Trust in India under the guidance of his guru Sri Vasudevan after training at the Integral Yoga Institute in New York City and Yogaville of Sri Satchidananda. Since then, Yogi Cameron has worked with individuals throughout the world to provide them with these ancient methods to live healthier, greener, more spiritually-minded lives in accordance with the Ayurvedic and yogic path. Using a combination of treatments, meditation, herbal remedies and diet guidance, Yogi Cameron helps treat specific conditions and set his clients on a path to greater mental, physical, and spiritual health. A primary goal of this path is helping each person find their purpose and practice.”

We are very pleased to have Yogi Cameron as part of the Hollywood Yoga Solstice festival. In anticipation of the event we asked all our guest instructors to answer a short series of questions. Here are Yogi Cameron’s answers.

Q:  What do you believe is the greatest benefit of Yoga?

A: Sages like Patanjali or avatars like Babaji set out the different paths of yoga and the yogic path as a way for us to reach our highest goal which is to find liberation from the body. While this is the ultimate goal, on our way getting there, yoga will help us become lighter in body, more creative in the mind and be fearless through the spirit. It is a body, mind and spirit approach which brings us more peace and balance.

Q:How did you hear about the Hollywood Yoga Solstice Festival?

A: I heard about it last year when it was on in NYC. Anytime so many people come together for a good cause and to practice, it gets my attention.

Q: What made you want to participate in this event?

A: I generally may participate in one or two events a year as most of the time I am filming my tv show or writing books, so I always look to get involved with events which go well with the Ayurvedic and yogic practices which I teach. I will be sharing some of these ancient practices at this years event.

Q: What do you hope those who attend your session will gain from it?

A: Each person will always come away with their own experience so beginners will get introduced to a new lifestyle practice while practitioners of this path will be able to gain some new information to further their own practice. It will be a sharing of like minds where we all grow together.

Q: What are you most excited for at the event?

A: It is always lovely to see people feel better and find more peace through these teachings and lifestyle, so I will be excited to see how people grow and react to the yogic path. We are all seekers so when so many seekers come together there is always advancement and growth.

Q: What wisdom would you have for anyone coming to this event who is new to Yoga?

A: Come with no expectations and be detached from what you have heard as this will distort your own experience. This way you will have a lovely experience and be able to share this with others. Yoga is a journey which keeps unfolding so all you have to do is participate and everything else will just happen.

Yogi Cameron will be teaching a class at 2:30pm to 4:00pm. Be sure to reserve your spot for his class today.