What Do Soul Mates Eat?

 What do soul maes eat?

It may seem like a very odd question. Some might say what soul mates eat is one of the last things one should worry about. Does it really matter what soul mates eat? The better answer that question we need to first examine the entire concept of diet. Did you know there are different types of diets an individual needs? As living and spiritual beings we absorb energy on different levels. It is for this reason that diet is about so much more than what we put into our mouths. Not only do we have a physical diet, but also a mental and spiritual diet. It is important for soul mates to consume a healthy physical, mental, and spiritual diet.

We know from Yoga only 10% of who we are is our body. We always look at diet as physical food such as bread, rice, meat. ect. From a Yoga perspective we talk about a mental diet and a spiritual diet. A mental diet consists of who you hang out with, the quality of the company you keep, what you read, listening to inspiring lectures, watching inspirational movies, travel, anything that uplifts you is a positive  mental diet.

A spiritual diet consists of deep meditation, even from an energy perspective we absorb a lot of Prana during meditation, our vibrations increase, and it’s the best form of diet. From a Yoga perspective your most important diet is your soul diet, or spiritual, diet. From a Yoga perspective the food for our soul is stillness that comes from meditation. We know from a soul mate concept there are only soul help mates. Their purpose is to help you grow your spirit and to help you grow by helping you develop this habit of meditation and inspiring you so that you can have a very healthy spiritual diet. What do soul mates eat? They eat silence they take uplifting stuff and healthy food.

Why is this important to finding love? It’s important because it helps you improve the quality of your Prana, you need to consume a diet rich in Prana, and a physical diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables, and on a mental level consume inspirational material. And you become a powerful magnetic being and if you put your intention on attracting love that is what you will attract.

What is a good way to start implementing this? Start simple by changing your physical diet. Stop eating red meat, start eating more fruit and vegetables, start meditating, change your environment, start seeking positive friendships and relationships.

Know that from a Yoga perspective that diet is also what you consume through your thoughts, the nature of your friendships, relationships, through your environment on a day to day basis and isn’t just what you put through your mouth but also through your eyes and ears. For example if you stand in heavy traffic you would consume a very noisy diet, but it is coming through your ears and goes into your consciousness. Know that the information coming in is part of your diet. We need to watch out for the quality of that information because it affects the quality of the diet.

Yoga Wisdom:

  • Diet is about more than what we eat. We have physical, mental, and spiritual diets
  • A healthy physical diet consists of Prana rich foods such as lots of fruits and vegetables.
  • A healthy mental diet consists of inspirational and uplifting materiel as well as a positive environment and positive relationships with others.
  • A healthy spiritual diet consists of meditation and stillness.
  • Having a healthy physical, mental, and spiritual diet increases our Prana, which makes us highly magnetic beings for love.
  • Start simple by implementing changes in all three diets to help them be healthier.
  • Diet is also what you consume through your thoughts, the nature of your friendships, relationships, and through your day to day environment. What we consume on physical, spiritual and mental levels goes into our consciousness.

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