The 3 Main Points of Attraction for Women from Yoga Perspective.

What are the 3 points of attraction for women?

A client once tried to explain lists to me and how important they were in attracting the right man. “You have to list every single trait that’s important to you, including things you want and don’t want.” While I appreciated her thorough explanation of how these in depth lists were supposed to work and why […]

Hot Chick/Player Syndrome: The Current State of Love in America

Hot Chick/Player Syndrome: The Current State of Love in America

“Men don’t look at me anymore.” A client once told me about fifteen minutes into a coaching session. I asked her why she felt this mattered. In reply she told me she believed because she was getting older that men no longer found her as physically attractive. This, of course, was not the truth. The […]

Win a Free 30 Minute Coaching Session with Vish!

30 Minute Coaching Giveaway

As a prelaunch goodwill gesture, Vish is giving away 10  30 min coaching sessions for free, yes for gratis, no strings attached ! In order to be eligible to win one of the coaching sessions please complete the following steps. 1.  Opt in your name and Email on the Yoga & Love homepage 2.  Share this […]

Are Dogs Woman’s New Best Friend?

Are Dogs a Woman's New Best Friend?

Are women starting to choose pet ownership more often than relationships? That is the questions some relationship articles are asking. The new claim is that women in particular are choosing to adopt dogs instead of seeking out relationships with men. A couple articles even claim that women are placing greater importance on their pet than […]

The Yoga of Forming a Relationship Online

What does Yoga have to say about Online Relationships?

A friend of mine was a real “guy’s guy.” He was not a strong believer in love and just went after the physical aspects. But then he met a girl online who lived in another country. The two of them would talk for 18 hours a day. This was quite a drastic change for a […]

Is Cheating Really a True Relationship Dealbreaker?

Is Cheating a True Relationship Dealbreaker?

“Once a cheater, always a cheater.” It’s a common phrase spoken in the dating scene. However, such a belief carries a great deal of negative energy and can prevent an individual from making positive changes in their life, especially in the area of relationships. Infidelity is easily one of the most painful incidences that can […]

Yoga and Love talk @Fred talks for Valentine

Steve Home

On February 13th, the day after the soft launch at USC, Vish Iyer was invited to speak at FRED talks about Yoga & Love. Vish was invited to be one of the speakers on February 13th by Steve Glenn. The FRED Talks took place in a beautiful home that was completely Eco friendly and was […]

Can You Love Someone You Aren’t Physically Attracted To?

Can You Love Some You Aren’t Physically Attracted To?

My friend, Deirdre, is typically a very upbeat young woman. One day she was not her usual, cheerful self. I could literally sense the storm cloud hanging over her head even before I approached her. I asked my friend what was bothering her. She began to tell me about she ran into a man she […]

Hope’s Experience at the Soft Launch Event at USC


There was a great deal of excitement building up to the soft launch event at USC on February 12th amidst the Yoga and Love team. I was especially eager for the event, not only due to all the hard work behind the scenes for Yoga and Love, but also as an aspiring author, I was […]

Is Casual Dating Beating Out Committed Relationships in Modern Society?

Is Casual Dating Beating Out Committment?

“People don’t seem to want to commit anymore,” a friend told me recently. “Everybody is assuming the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. They are constantly looking for the next best thing. It’s like people are addicted to dating but are too scared to make a commitment to one person.” […]