Is There a Science Behind Yoga and Love?


“You, and everybody else, write that you cannot find true love until you have a deep commitment for self-exploration, self-discovery, a willingness to look within to first form a relationship with yourself, to love yourself, to connect with yourself. I don’t believe that. I know plenty of people that found true love even when they were broken, sad, filled with phobias, insecurities and so many other things that are the exact opposite of what any self-help books say. I also see a lot of people in the light that meditate, have gone through the journey of self-discover, and are still alone. I haven’t gone through any self-discovery and I don’t meditate.”

Yoga and Love Response:

Every human is faced with a particular time in their life when they are faced with the all-important decision of, “Is he or she the one?” Just like being an editor takes time, experience, and energy; to attract a stable relationship that will last a lifetime takes emotion training, energy, time and experience. This experiential evolution can be hastened through systematic Yoga practices.

One of the key tenets of Yoga is that every thought has manifesting power. Within you, in a dormant state, is infinite bliss, love, power, intuition, Buddhi (or discrimination), and other unbelievable powers. Our job is to just unveil it or bring it to the foreground just as a diamond is covered with dust and we dust it off to reveal the glory. We use these powers everyday unconsciously. But Yoga teaches us to use them consciously. These powers can be developed by increasing Prana (often mistaken to be breath) the life force energy behind all creation. It is also called the energy of magnetism. Every person comes to earth with a certain bank balance of Prana and through our actions, thoughts, and feeling either we credit or debit that account. I teach people how, through specific Yoga techniques, to increase this energy at all three levels of body, mind/emotions, and spirit to make them holistic (or making progress towards it).

Once you are very happy with yourself a relationship on the outside will automatically happen. Our inner intelligence will direct us to the right person if we have the intention. This is exactly what happened to me and several students I have coached. I have never come across anybody who teaches in such a streamlined process, a system of finding love through increasing magnetism through Yoga. I had to use all my training in science (undergrad in biology and two graduate degrees in information systems and computational science) my Yoga background of my lineage, my Sanskrit knowledge, and my personal experience to put this together.

From a purely scientific perspective Yoga techniques can do the following and not very difficult to prove (of course there is a lot of research to validate these claims.)

– Bring out change in the psycho physiology of a human (balances serotonin, increases oxygen consumption by at least 30 %, reduces stress meaning control over cortisol, lactate and adrenaline AKA HPA (Hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal axis.)
– Brings control into pre-frontal cortex (decision making vs. amygdala which is part of animal consciousness which is why most people fail in love. It is about taking the right decision, for that, our consciousness should be perfectly balanced or elevated from regular state
-Reduce blood pressure, increase attention span, theta state retention, increased creativity

Yes, for some people meditation may not have worked. Just like millions who work hard few will get the success they really want. That doesn’t mean we stop believing in success.  If you asked Bin Laden he would say he prayed five times a day and might and even claim to be a very spiritual person. That doesn’t mean prayer or spirituality doesn’t work. The fault is not meditation. It is in the how and whom you learn from. This is where Yoga comes in. It gives practical steps and scientific tools to align yourself.

This is the other reason why some people who have never done anything about self-exploration find love. Yes, it is possible, and I have seen it myself and I have no idea why that happens. Possibly it is good karma from the past. My wife’s grandfather has smoked for the last 70 yrs. of his 85 years of life and he enjoys near perfect health. There is a lot of science to show smoking causes lung cancer and other harmful diseases. Go figure.

I keep things very simple and try to get away from unnecessary philosophy and try to test out concepts through practice before I believe or reject them.