Evolving together to keep it together

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This morning, I was talking to a dear friend of mine an aspiring screenwriter. I casually mentioned that Deypika and I for the entire duration of our six hour drive to the bay area last week just reviewed last year. The successes, the failures, what we learned from it. Every little success was accounted for, every little failure was brought to the surface. And we ended with how to make 2014 the best year of our lives.Yes one of the successes had included, making the decision to buy a Prius. Yes a Prius over a fancy car. I had spent more than six weeks researching the best car and I really prided myself in making the decision to buy it. As I am naturally not a detailed person. I had looked at monthly payments, different cars, resale values, lease vs buying, monthly gas expenditure on and on..

My friend responded with a little bit of irritation, after listening to me patiently. This is just so awesome you are able to do that with your wife, with my ex, he continued, it was always about pointing fingers when we do something wrong. With my kids, it is the same way and settled into his own indignant thoughts. After a pause, I said, the issue here is not an issue of lack of harmony, it is about Evolution, it is about evolving together. In life, you are either evolving or de-volving. My friend a voracious reader, finishes three books a month and his wife or kids didn’t have the same habits. Guess what? Human nature, always expects the other person to understand “me” without realizing that to be on the same page, you would have to evolve together, for that you need to either read the same books, or talk about what you are learning constantly to your partner. This exchange sets up an unsaid understanding. In Yoga & Love, I encourage inharmonious couples to meditate together and have met with great success.

Some of things you can do to evolve together this year:

Meditate together
Read same books or talk about what you have learned to your partner
Watch inspiring talks, movies together and discuss about them

In Yoga and in Love

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