Astrology & Potential Mate

What does astrology have to do with love and how can it help us in determining our potential mate? In western society the opinions are divided. Some will swear that astrology helps while others are very skeptical. Many in the western world are familiar with the Western, or Hellenistic, Astrology which follows the movements of planets and other celestial bodies at certain angles, or houses. This is the form of astrology used when we check our daily horoscopes in the newspaper. However, Vedic Astrology, or more traditionally known as Jyotisha, goes much deeper and is related to the chakras and our karma. It is a very powerful tool and I can verify its effectiveness in my own life. Even a year and a half before I met Deypika an astrologer revealed that I would marry a northern Indian woman.

The chakras play a very important part in astrology. Our chakras are energy centers within our body. There are seven primary chakras that go from the base of the spine to just above the crown of the head. The chakras are centers of emotion and centers of consciousness. The chakras are connected to nerves in the body and these nerves produce a significant amount of electricity. Each chakra is a gateway to a higher level of consciousness.

Every action we do gets imprinted in the chakras. For example, if a person does a loving action that memory gets imprinted in the heart chakra. If someone has sex that memory gets imprinted into their second chakra. Each chakra has its own positive and negative energies where karma is stored. For example the heart chakra has love, but also has the aspect of hate. Self control has greed. Every quality has a polar opposite except bliss. The only chakra to not have a negative attribute is the seventh or crown chakra because there is no opposite to bliss. That is the state of God.

When we pass on from this life our chakra memory is taken along with our astral body into the next life. This how our karma is taken into our new life and we can learn more about ourselves and our karma through astrology. And since there are 6 chakras with polarity there are 12 signs. When an astrologer looks at your sign they are in essence looking at your chakras, patterns of consciousness, and patterns of happiness. A person’s tendencies can be seen through their chakras and the star placement in astrology. A master Astrologer will be able to look at your sign and be able to tell you all the info regarding your tendencies and your cycles.

Is there a way we can change our karma in this life? Yes, there is. Yoga wisdom teaches us that nothing is set into stone. In order to change our destiny and our consciousness we must raise Prana energy. Through the increase of Prana we are able to actually change our karma. Every act of Yoga is designed to clean up our chakras. This is very important because our chakras contain blocks that prevent the free flow of Prana energy, thus hindering our ability to find our ideal mate. Through the daily practice of meditation practice of the Asanas, eating a Yoga diet, living our Dharma and other means described in Yoga & Love one can raise their Prana levels. Prana is an intelligent energy and over time it changes our karma and erases our negative tendencies and patterns. This is similar to how weather forecasters give an extended weather forecast for an area and as time goes on certain elements in the atmosphere change. This results in a change of weather and a different weather forecast. Prana is the power that changes our “atmosphere” thus changing our karma, and makes it so you are able to change your destiny and attract your ideal partner.

I often coach individuals who find themselves in a pattern of constant dating without finding a relationship. In these cases I tell them to stop dating for six months. When the individual does this many times they come back and tell me they had a very profound experience. It changed their pattern. It’s like when a weather forecast predicts rain for an entire week. Yoga is the element that comes in and brings sunshine instead.